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We believe that the work nonprofits do is essential to maintaining and improving the world in which we live.
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Isoph Blue enables online learning, collaborationn, Web conferencing, and virtual community.

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our philosophy

Isoph, a division of LearnSomething, is the leading provider of e-learning success solutions to membership organizations. We believe that the work our association and nonprofit clients do is essential to maintaining and improving the world in which we live. We recognize that learning is at the very core of nearly every nonprofit mission and are dedicated to providing online learning software and services that greatly enhance the reach and impact of our clients.

Our Mission

To sustain organizations in integrating learning technologies and practices into their daily lives, enabling them to better fulfill their missions, extend their reach, and achieve long-lasting impact within the communities they serve.

In fulfilling our mission, we focus on three interrelated areas:

  • Product

    To offer the highest-quality e-learnng applications and services to mission-driven organizations; their members, staff, board members, and volunteers; and all others committed to bettering the world in which we live and work.

  • Social

    To operate the company in a manner that acknowledges the role business plays in society and explore innovative ways to change the world at the local, national, and international level.

  • Economic

    To operate the company on a sound basis of sustainable growth and create for our employees a learning environment, founded on the same principles we share with our clients.

Our Vision

A society in which mission-driven organizations can easily access and implement learning technologies so as to best fulfill their organizational mission and personal commitment to serving their stakeholders and bettering the world.

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