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Isoph Blue enables online learning, collaboration, Web conferencing, and virtual community.

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Isoph Blue

Isoph Blue administrative panelIsoph Blue is flexible, Web-based learning management system (LMS) and e-learning content development software that makes it easy for anyone, even those without technical expertise, to create an engaging online learning environment.

It was developed specifically for membership organizations that need the performance of a robust learning management system along with the ability to generate non-dues revenue through a highly-branded, public-facing education portal.

Key benefits of Isoph Blue include:

  • Single, integrated application

    Isoph Blue integrates multiple learning, collaboration, and communications features in a robust learning portal with a consistent user experience. Authoring and assessment tools, instructor-led and classroom-based learning, self-paced learning, synchronous learning, community features, credits and certificates and more are all managed in Isoph Blue. A fully integrated application enhances ease of use and reduces the costs and complications of technology integrations.

  • Flexibility

    Isoph Blue accommodates your organization's unique needs for learning content development, branding, navigation, and structure. Your learning program isn't locked in to a pre-set formula or look and feel.

  • Affordability

    Isoph’s pricing takes into account total cost of ownership and allows organizations to align their costs with their program size. Isoph Blue is generally provided on an application service provider (ASP) basis, meaning that hosting, technology management, upgrades, and support are included in the pricing.

  • Ease of integration with other applications

    Isoph Blue supports Web services. Password, interface, and data integration with Web portals or intranets, association or client management systems, and applications can be achieved cost-effectively.

  • Attention and support

    Most importantly, Isoph provides ongoing support as your program grows, adapts, and evolves to meet your learners' needs. Isoph is dedicated to serving the social sector, and your organization will be an important client, not an add-on to a larger academic or corporate focus.

Learn More about Isoph Blue

To learn more about Isoph Blue, call 866.969.9260 (toll-free) to discuss your needs, or contact us via the Web. You can also read more about Isoph Blue and how organizations are using it:

  • Isoph featured clients
    These brief profiles highlight the use of Isoph Blue for initiatives ranging from advocacy and issue education, to e-learning and distance education programs, to collaboration and community-building projects.
  • Isoph Blue features
    Isoph Blue can help you teach, train, and communicate. Find out more about the tools available.
  • Isoph Blue Web services, technology, and data integration
    Isoph Blue can take full advantage of XML for data exchange and modular XML Web services--features that greatly increase the potential for cost-effective enhancements to your learning site and integration with legacy systems.
  • E-learning Success Team
    Software is only one piece of successful e-learning. Isoph's goal is to ensure our clients have access to all the resources they need to deliver outstanding e-learning, and the E-learning Success Team is how we deliver on that goal.
  • Professional services
    We offer a range of professional services to support learning, collaboration, and communications initiatives.

The following documents provide more detailed information about Isoph Blue and Isoph. (Documents are PDFs and require Adobe Reader, which you can download for free at

  • Isoph Blue Overview
    This five-page PDF (182 KB) explores what Isoph Blue can offer your organization.
  • Isoph Blue Enterprise
    This three-page PDF (90 KB) provides a brief overview of the enterprise version of Isoph Blue, which allows organizations to create sub-sites for their clients, partners, or affiliates.
  • Teach. Train. Communicate.
    Isoph's experience in supporting nonprofits and associations with Web-based learning and educational initiatives is unrivaled. Read more in this two-page PDF (156 KB).

To learn more about Isoph Blue, call 866.969.9260 (toll-free) to discuss your needs, or contact us via the Web.

Conservation Collaborative
Isoph Blue in Action: Take a Tour

Visit our demo site, built on Isoph Blue, to see the software in action.

Set up as an online learning community for the fictional Conservation Collaborative, the demo site showcases many features of the Isoph Blue software, including self-paced courses, facilitated learning, Web conferences, polls, and surveys.


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